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It is hard to believe that we used to have to sacrifice an enormous chunk of our day to partake in casino games at a brick and mortar casino.

Now, that chunk of time can be used to enjoy more slot games as you can play games at an online casino from the comfort of your own home. The introduction of the online casino has caused a surge of players, that number of slot game players rising 78% in the last decade and rising by 3% each subsequent year.

A rise in players means that there needs to be both a rise in casino games online and online casinos to house them. But how do these casinos make sure that players choose their site to play slot games.

Well, it’s easy. They provide a slew of bonus offers and promotions that catch a player’s eye and hopefully keeps them hooked. But which is the best way to do this? Is there a bonus offer that benefits both the casino and player? Let’s find out, while you can also learn about bingo no deposit bonuses here.

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Casino Deposit Bonus Offers

Casino sites offering slots, best online bingo, jackpots and other games are likely to offer players a deposit bonus. This can be handed out to both new and existing players and basically means that the players has to put down some of their own real money before they get to take advantage of the bonus. After all, putting down real money in a casino is called making a deposit.

For example, many casino sites like to utilise the ever present, matched deposit bonus. This comes in a variety of forms. One way that an online casino chooses to match a deposit is by repeating what the player deposits. This means that, say a player puts down €30 to play slots on that casino site. Then the online casino will give the player the same amount, €30, in the form of credit to match what they have paid. It keeps players loyal and paying to use the casino and can also draw the eye of new players.

Speaking of new players, another way that an online casino can match a players deposit is by offering some free spins. This means that, when a player makes a deposit of €10, the casino will gift the player an amount of free spins that adds up to the same amount as that €10. The reason that this is better is because you are cutting out the middle man. It saves time for the player who would have to log back in, choose the credit amount that they want to deposit and then make a spin. With Free spins as a matched bonus, playing is as easy as just pressing the spin button again. That ease makes it appealing to new players.

As I mentioned already, a deposit bonus is great for rewarding loyalty. The casino site does not always have to receive a deposit outright before gifting players with some frees spins. If a player has been making a deposit to use your site, it is always a good idea to chuck something nice their way and free spins are always a good way to go. It is easy to do and it stops long time players from drifting off and gambling elsewhere. For the players, who doesn’t want some free spins?

This is all a good way to reward existing players but what is the best way to win over new players?

Best Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses 2021

The way in which a casino site may lure new players over to their site is by offering a promotion. Unlike the deposit bonus, not all of these require players to put down real money to activate. These are called no deposit bonuses.

The most common instance of a no deposit bonus is usually found within a casino welcome bonus. This is a bonus that players will receive when signing up to an online casino for the first time. Check out these examples:

  • 500 free spins upon mobile confirmation
  • 200 free spins upon sign up
  • 50 free spins without registration
  • 30 free spins no deposit

It doesn’t take a genius to notice the pattern here. The most common no deposit bonus is offering players a certain amount of free spins to play slot and casino games on the casino site.

But why free spins? It is simple really. A slot game requires a player to spin the reels and match up the games symbols to create a pay line. The player wins more depending on how difficult it is to line up and match a specific set of symbols. So, what does this have to do with free spins?

 Well, they are a core mechanic of every online slot game. You will be hard pressed to find a slot where you aren’t spinning the reels in some capacity at some point. This means that free spins are giving the player a way to get used to slot games and how they work, without having to make a deposit. If the player actually enjoys the experience, then they are likely to come and play again. However, free spins run out. The only way to continue to play is by making a deposit. Therefore, the player gets to sample the slot games for free and the casino site gets to keep the deposits of the players that continue after the free spins bonus runs out.

As you can see, this is a great offer for new players. But there are other no deposit bonuses.

€10 No Deposit Bonus

A free deposit bonus is another welcome bonus that an online casino can use as a promotion. It is really obvious when you think about it but a free deposit bonus is a free amount of credit that a casino gifts players upon signing up. This is usually under the €50 range and can be used across their range of casino games.

Much like the free spins bonus, this free deposit allows players to sample slot and casino games without having to make a deposit of their own real money. Once the free deposit amount runs out, the player then has to pay a deposit of their own to keep playing.

Unfortunately, there comes a caveat when discussing the idea of a free deposit bonus. That is the fact that you are always more likely to be rewarded free spins where the amount is far greater than that of your average free deposit. For example, 500 free spins is worth a lot more that €10. This means that you are getting more value out of the free spins and they last longer.

There is no doubt that both of these bonuses are fantastic for new players.

Exclusive Casino Bonuses

A third, less common, type of no deposit bonus is a higher reward bonus. This can come as a welcome bonus or an online casino promotion. It means that the amount of money that you win during a high reward bonus will be much more than normal. This can be on your first few spins on the site, or can be available for existing players over the course of a few hours.

The idea behind this is that the new players will really enjoy the large amount that they have won. By taking advantage of this offer, the player does not need to make a deposit and can win a large sum on an early spin. They then might assume that this is commonplace across all slot games and therefore will continue to make a deposit of their own in the hopes of winning that amount again.

For the existing player, this bonus can be activated by an online casino to get players to log on to the site for a period of time. Let’s say that the casino sets a higher reward on slot games during a specific hour. Players will flock to find out whether or not they can win these huge prizes and once the promotion has ended, will continue to deposit and play at the site as they are already logged in.

As a conscious group of people, you might view this as underhanded or immoral. You are right in a way when you look at it as a welcome bonus. It is almost like creating a false reality to get players to use your site. However, this is not the case. Sites always set out terms and conditions for players to read and sign before they make a deposit. By reading these terms, the player is made aware of anything untoward that they may not want to be a part of and are aware that the stakes they are playing with when signing up to a higher reward bonus are raised compared to normal.

Now that we have looked at all of the bonuses that players can receive by making a deposit or as a no deposit bonus, it is easy to see why the free spins bonus is so favoured among both players and casino sites.

Pros of Free spins No Deposits

Why are free spins so common amongst online casino bonuses? Sure, they are a great tutorial for slot games and add up to more than the amount of a free deposit bonus but it goes so much further than that.


Let’s get one obvious pro of the free spins bonus out of the way first, one that is apparent from reading all of the above. Free spins can be distributed by a casino at any time for any reason.

You may receive free spins as a welcome bonus, as a loyalty reward or during a promotion. You can even see them stacked on top of other bonuses for example, deposit €10 and the online casino will match you deposit and throw in an extra 200 free spins for good measure.

There aren’t many people out there that have visited a casino site and been completely unaware of free spins. They are a multi-tool and can distributed to players both new and old. But surely it isn’t just popularity that makes free spins so great? What else is there to consider?

No wagering requirements

Another thing that puts free spins over the top of other bonuses is the fact that you rarely need to meet a wagering requirement to receive them. If you find yourself in a situation where you actually do, the requirement is usually minimal.

What is a wagering requirement you ask? A wagering requirement is simply the criteria that a player must reach in order to take advantage of the casino bonus. We already saw this in action with the matched deposit bonus. The player was required to deposit €30 before being gifted the €30 of free credit. Therefore, the initial deposit acts as a requirement.

These requirements can come in all shapes and sizes from having to have been signed up for a certain amount of time or putting down a sizable deposit. There is usually always a wagering requirement to consider and they are always found in the casinos terms and conditions.

However, when it comes to free spins, there is rarely a set of wagering requirements that the player needs to meet. Instead, it is up to the online casino to deem when it right to hand out free spins. In a way, it the casino that needs to find the requirement to reward us.

Want to keep a player using your site? Reward them with some free spins. Need to bring over a surplus of new players? Then set up a welcome bonus that gives players a bunch of free spins.

Free spins can be dished out by a casino whenever they want. It helps the online casino to keep people happy and we players rarely have to meet a set of wagering requirements to enjoy them. Free spins offers the best of both worlds to both players and casinos.

Cons of free spins no deposit bonus

You can usually count on the fact that, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Especially one that is free. With free spins, no deposit offers that statement is somewhat true. There are some downsides to using free spins but they are not as egregious as one might think. Consider these before using free spins.

Free spins are not used in every casino game

Let’s get the most obvious flaw out of the way first, the one that you have probably been questioning already. Yes, free spins are a great way for players to get used the mechanics of slot games. However, not every casino game required the player to spins reels.

Blackjack and poker are two very popular casino games that are played with playing cards that are dealt and folded. Bingo is a games where you match numbers on a card.

Therefore, other than in a game of roulette, free spins are not a good bonus for those that want to play casino games that aren’t’ slots. A free spin is worthless to players that want to play more traditional casino games rather than slots. You can’t spin in poker, as fun as that would be.

Sadly, if you aren’t interested in the slot games when you visit a casino site then you will probably want to seek out another bonus rather than free spins.

However, the free spins bonus’ biggest negative may work in favour of the online casino. Whilst a player may visit a casino site to play a game of blackjack, a surplus of free spins might change their mind. If you have a bunch of free spins, you might as well use them, right? If you have never played slot games before, the act of trying to get value from these spins might be the exact motivation a player needs to get involved in playing slots. Therefore, the casino is still giving the player an opportunity to play slot games for free. Whether it be your intention or not, using these free spins are a good way to get hooked. Players will be making a deposit in no time.

Withdrawing money from casino bonuses

This is a difficult hurdle for a lot of players to get past. When you receive free spins as a welcome bonus, the online casino does not allow players to withdraw the money that they have won using these spins. That’s right. You do not stand to win any real money with free spins as a no deposit bonus or any no deposit bonus for that matter - unless you meet all the terms!

The main reason for this is because it could cripple an online casino. Think about it. If a casino offers 500 free spins to new players, and just one of those players goes on to win a large sum on multiple spins, the casino then has to fork out large sums of money without actually receiving anything from the customer. The player might carry on and deposit into the casino, but then again they might not. Therefore, it just makes good business sense for an online casino to not pay out money when offering free spins as a welcome bonus. If all the casino sites go bankrupt, then none of us get to play slot games online.

Just because it makes sense, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a negative though. First of all, this can affect both the player and the casino. By not winning any real money the player does not experience the rush one gets when luck is on their side. That is a key part of the online gambling experience. Without that crucial part, playing online slots might be considered hollow by some and they will not return to play more.

The downside for the casino site is that they stand to lose a player for good. They might not move on to another, competing online casino but they aren’t depositing to play slots with you either.

Another way that this can bite players is that some casino sites ask players to register with them before taking advantage of those free spins. True, you do not need to make a deposit but you will need to offer your personal information. For anyone that is majorly concerned about online casino security, this could be a huge road block. For those that do not mind giving your personal information, you are still being forced to do so without having the chance to win any real money. That is a serious security risk for very little reward.

Casino sites ask players to do this because it saves time later on. Once you have exhausted your free spins, you want to deposit and play for real as soon as possible. By registering earlier on, you can do just that.

Are free spins the best bonus that an online casino can offer?

Now that we have looked at both the positives and negatives of free spins as a bonus, can we make the claim that it is the best bonus?

Free spins is a promotion that offers both player and casino a lot of versatility. Casino players can use these spins on a whole variety of slot games to find out whether they like the slots experience or to find a specific type of slot that they enjoy. For casino sites, you can offer these free spins to any player at any time.

But there are still more bonuses to look at before we decide that free spins, no deposit is the best.

Brick and mortar casino bonuses

When it comes to finding the best online bonuses, sometimes it is worth going back to the very beginning. That is right, brick and mortar casinos have their own bonuses.

Much of these bonuses are the same as the ones that you come across online. From both deposit and no deposit offers, they are mostly all here. There are matched deposit bonuses, free deposits bonuses and of course there are free spins.

The reason that you don’t hear of these bonuses very often nowadays is because they are much harder to regulate in a brick and mortar setting, especially no deposit bonuses. This is because they are hard to regulate and monitor. To play a physical slot machine for free, it usually involves a member of staff inputting a code or password. That is extremely time consuming and not cost effective for the casino. It is so much easier for players to take out their smart phone and start paying slot games from there.

Also, brick and mortar casinos struggle with fraud. Not major, business sinking fraud but more the fact that a person can walk in, easily claim that they are new and it is up to that individual member of staff as to whether the person is telling the truth or that they even recognise the person.

That is why you do not really come across no deposit bonuses at brick and mortar casinos. They are hard to regulate and finding the right bonus for players is as easy as googling an online casino and visiting their promotions page. Alas, the transfer of slot games online has made things easier yet again.

Other casino bonuses

Here are a few more bonuses that you might want to look at in order to take advantage of more free spins or no deposits.

  • Demo slots - a demo slot is released by a slot games developer to advertise and promote an upcoming games release. These are completely free to play and there are no wagering requirements. However, you cannot win any real money on a demo slot and they are usually taken down when the full slot is released. This full version will require players to make a deposit.
  • Reload bonus - this is a bonus that an online casino will use to lure players back to their site if they have not played there in a while. This bonus acts as a gentle reminder and can come in all shapes and sizes. This may be a free deposit or some free spins with no deposit. This bonus is handy as it brings old players back into the fold and players are reminded about and get to enjoy slot games that they may have forgotten about. But, can it really be considered as a no deposit bonus if you need to have deposited a lot at the site for them to send you a prompt? It is not a huge issue but just one to think about.
  • Event bonuses - these are very rare and entirely situational. Nothing makes people more aware of online gambling than an important sports game or an event. Online casinos take these opportunities to promote their games and therefore will offer those that bet on the event some free spins or other bonuses for betting with that site. Like I said, these don’t come around too often and therefore aren’t worth banking on for free spins

Terms and conditions

As always, please remember to check the terms and conditions whenever you sign up to a website or offer.

Casino sites do exercise the upmost of caution when it comes to online security. However, since you are providing them with your bank details, always read the terms and conditions to ensure that you and your money are safe.

When it comes to bonuses and offers, we all want make sure that we are getting the best deal. That is even truer when a bonus is free. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly to make sure that you understand the bonuses and that there are no hidden wagering requirements.

It may sound dull but terms and conditions are there for a reason. Take a quick look at them next time you want to take advantage of some free spins. You are always better off when erring on the side of caution.


Finally we come down to it. Are free spins, no deposit the best online casino bonus that a player can receive?

The answer is easy and depends on what you want out of the bonus. For the casino site, free spins work as a great tool to hook new players who aren’t familiar with slot games. By offering free spins, no deposit as a welcome bonus, it gets the player used to how slot games function and ensures that they choose your casino to play their games if they like the experience.

For existing players, free spins are more beneficial to you. You may have to deposit a lot with a casino to receive them, but online casino want your custom and by providing free spins with no deposit they keep you loyal and also you get to carry on experiencing some fantastic slot games.

Learn more about no deposit bonuses through the following pages:

*Any references to bonuses and free spins are subject to the following terms: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT €10, €8 MAX WIN PER 10 SPINS, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO €250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.