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The way that we gamble with slot and casino games has changed significantly in the last twenty years. These casino games started out in brick and mortar casinos. Yes, it was fun there was plenty of choice. However, you were limited to the amount of slot games that you could play. Also, you had to factor in things like travel time and location. In the end it was more of a chore when you consider the alternative that we have now.

Things have changed in such a way that means these institutions are becoming a thing of the past. That change has come in the form of the online casino.

It seems ridiculous now to think that we actually had to leave our homes, sit in traffic and still not be guaranteed to play the game we want in order to play slot games and yet here we are. We can play whatever slot we want, whenever we want on whatever casino site that we want. If you like a fast paced and high rewarding slot game, then you will find one. You can find a slot that will pay out a large sum for a minute bet. If you are the type of player that doesn’t care so much about winning money and just want a relaxing afternoon playing slots, then there are games suited to you too.

But I doesn’t end with slot games. The old casino games are out there online too. You can use an online casino to play blackjack, poker, roulette or even bingo if that is more your thing. The catalogue of games on any given casino site is vast and varied. But where does one begin with online slots?

Well, if you so happen to be new slot games or just want to take advantage of some great deals, let me tell you all about free slots. If, on the other hand, prefer to learn about no deposit bonus bingo, click the above link!

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Free Slots Bonuses

Oh yes. Through a variety of different methods it is possible to play slots absolutely free. Free slots basically means playing the slot game that you want without making a deposit of real money. How do I do that you ask? Well there a several methods that include:

  • Taking advantage of a casino sites welcome bonus
  • Finding no deposit bonuses
  • Promotions pages
  • Looking for free spins
  • Playing slot games with a free to play mode
  • Enjoying slots demos

Now I know that this all sounds like a lot to take in but bear with me. I’m about explain how you can be savvy enough to enjoy slot games for free. Every one of these methods comes with own pros and cons so let’s go through them all to see which is the best way to p-lay free slots with no deposit.

Best Slots Bonuses 2021

The welcome bonus is probably the best way for new players to take advantage of free slots with no deposit.

Since there seem to be no end to the rapid growth of the online slots industry, there has been a colossal rise of online casinos to house all of these slot games and also to take on all the increase of players. It is now more easy rthan ever for someone to play slots.

But how do these sites make sure that the new players choose their casino to play slot or casino games. Well, it is really rather simple. They offer a sign up or welcome bonus.

This is a bonus that gives players a reward for signing up to the casino and most often comes in the form of one of the following:

  • Free deposit bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Matched deposit bonus
  • No deposit bonus

These bonuses are exclusively available to new players and gives them an extra incentive to start playing slot games with the site offering them.

  • The free deposit bonus acts almost like credit. You can use it on any of the slot games on the online casino. Once it runs out, players will then need to make a deposit of their own to keep playing. This is the preferred bonus for those that want to play more than just slot games. The credit you receive can be used on all manner of casino games and even live casino game shows.
  • Free spins are exactly what you might think they are. In a slot game, the idea is to spin the reels and match up the games unique symbols in a pay line. To do this, you are required to deposit a sum as a bet. But with free spins, you can try spinning the reels on a slot game for free. A casino site might offer new players 200 free spins, for example, and they can be used to try out any of the slot games on the site. This gets players involved in the mechanics of the game and, like with the free deposit bonus, when they run out, the player will then need to make a real deposit to keep playing.

The only downside here is that this bonus is only exclusive to slot games. You cannot use a free spin on a game of poker for instance.

  • The matched deposit bonus is a little different from the other bonuses as it requires players to actually make a deposit of their own before unlocking the bonus. This is an offer where the online casino will give players the amount that they deposit on top of what they have already paid. For example, if you deposit €20 the casino will give the player a further €20 as credit to use on their casino games. It isn’t the most rewarding way to play free slots as you a required to put down a sizable chunk of your own money to get the bonus. For this reason it is also not very friendly for new players.

This all mean that the best way to take advantage of free slots with a welcome bonus is by looking for a no deposit bonus.

€10 No Deposit Slots

This is definitely the key to taking advantage of free slots as a welcome bonus as it does not require anything from the player to use. That means that you do not need to pay any real money to play slot games. Now, a no deposit bonus usually comes in the form of an introductory welcome bonus. Consider the following to be a list of offers you may expect to find at an online casino:

  • Register and they will reward new players with 30 free spins
  • Another casino offers 50 free spins to players that sign up
  • Other sites are giving players 50 free spins plus €10 to play with on any casino game of their choice
  • A casino is offering new players €88 to play with for free
  • Umbingo is offering the most at up 500 free spins on all of selected slot games (Full Ts & Apply).

These offers are all fantastic and are common examples of what to expect from a casino no/deposit bonus.

A no deposit bonus is a good way to get going with slot games however they do run out once you have exhausted the original offer. That means you can only play free slots with no deposit for a limited time.

Is there a way to play free slots at a casino for longer than with a welcome bonus? Fortunately enough, there is.

Best free slot games

That is right. There are certain slot games that allow players to spin and play without making a deposit of real money or having to take advantage of another welcome bonus. This is by looking for slot games that have a free play mode.

A free play mode is included in some slot games for players to play the slot game absolutely free. The player will be presented with a start-up menu. On this screen you are then presented with the option to play standard mode or free play mode. Click the free play mode and you can play that slot game without a deposit just as if you were just handed a bunch of free spins.

If you want to play some free slots with no deposit take a look at and play some of these games:

  • Book of Dead - an Egyptian themed slot comprised of 5 reels, 3 rows and a possible 10 pay lines. The games symbols include a mask, Anubis and the titular book of the dead. Match 3 4 or 5 of these on a pay line to win. Taking things further are the bonus Land the scatter during a spin and you could win up to 10 free spins. Then there is the expanding wild feature which means that landing a wild symbol will finish all of your pay lines instead of just one.
  • Gonzo’s Quest - is a slot game based around an adventurer discovering ancient artefacts in the lost city of El Dorado. That mean the symbols are made up of different coloured masks. We have red, purple, blue, grey and orange. Landing 5 of the grey mask on a pay line will earn players the max win in the main game of 2,500x your initial bet. There is also the free fall bonus that will reward players a further 10 free spins when matching 3 or more of the golden masks in a pay line. Play at Umbingo for real money!
  • Starburst - a slot game set in outer space where the aim is match up the different coloured gems across the 5 reels to win. These gems are blue, red, yellow, orange and green. Keep on playing and you are in with the chance to win some free spins in the bonus This is also an example of a slot game that offers unique bonuses to those that sign up to play on a specific site. Make a quick google of Starburst to find out exactly what I mean. Play it now!

These slots are all available to play for free or with a deposit. Whether you are new to casino games or not, these slots are out there right now.

Win real money no deposit

This is where the idea of playing free slots with no deposit starts to fall apart. There is a reason that the slot games that I mentioned above ask players whether or not they want to play the standard mode or the free to play mode. That is because you can only win real money in the standard mode, not in the demo mode.

Sadly, when choosing to play slot games for free you do not receive any of the money that you win while playing. This mode is purely for the enjoyment of non-gamblers or for players to try out the slot before making their deposit. You do get to experience the full slot game, just with none of the rewards.

This is not true of welcome bonuses. When an online casino lets you play without making a deposit, either by using a free deposit as credit or playing with free spins, you will not be able to withdraw any real money from winning until you meet the wagering requirements. Again, it is a sample of what the casino has to offer, not a way to receive free money. Free spins and free slots no deposit can end up giving you money, but only if you meet the Ts & Cs. 

With a matched deposit bonus this is also the case. You can in fact withdraw the money that you win but then again, you have made a deposit so technically you aren’t playing free slots with no deposit. You are just stretching out what your initial deposit allows you to play with.

No Deposit Cash vs No Deposit Spins

Well, now we know exactly how play slots games for free, what is the best method?

The main issue that we have faced so far is that these free slot, no deposit methods do not allow us to withdraw real money when we win (right away at least). But what if I told you that there is a way to work around this? It is an overly complicated and fairly low paying work around, however, a successful player will make it work.

Consider the free spins bonus for what it is. It can be offered by an online casino at any point whether you are a new player seeking a welcome bonus or an existing player receiving a loyalty reward. The reason that casino sites use free spins as a bonus so often is because they are so versatile. They can be given out for all manner of reasons to both new and existing players. But there is more to free spins.

As I mentioned before, every slot game requires players to spin the reels to win. That means this bonus is imperative to the core of all slot games. With a free spin you are technically playing the game for real. That means engaging in all of the slots bonus features and chances to win more free spins. Therefore, it is possible, however unlikely, that a player may win a free spin in a slot game from playing with a free spin provided by the online casino. This free spin is completely legitimate and the player will win whatever they land on this spin. It won’t be much as you would normally receive as you won’t have built up a very high multiplier but it is still a win of real money.

There it is. I told you it was complicated and not very rewarding but free spins is a method of playing free slots with no deposit and still receive a pay out real money. Just not much. That makes the free spins method one of the best ways to play free slots with no deposit. Just read the terms carefully, so that you can wager your free spins winnings.

Demo slots

A demo slot is a very popular tool used by slot games developers to drum up interest in their new slot games. A demo slot is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a demonstration of the game that is released to the public before the full games release.

Players can access these demos to try out the slot game and it does not cost them anything. That is right. This a way that players can play free slots without paying a deposit. This works out well for both the slot games developer and the player.

For the developer, they get to show the market exactly what their slot game can do. This means showing off the theme, the stakes and, most of the time, the slots bonus features. It is basically a fancy way to advertise their new slot.

For us players, we get to see what the new slot is all about without having to pay any real money. By doing this, we can determine whether or not it is beneficial to us to make deposit to play the real thing when it is eventually released.

Unfortunately, like almost all free ways to play slot games, the developer or online casino does not pay out if you win on one of these games. Again this is a demonstration and a tutorial only. Don’t be upset when a demo slot does not pay you when you win on a pay line. It isn’t broken, just good business sense.

Are Demo slots the same as free slots?

When looking at the description of a demo slot, I can see why someone would want to ask this question. Why bother at all with free play modes and welcome bonuses when I can just play demo slots without any faffing about looking at promotions pages or signing up to online casinos.

It is understandable as to why you would think this but there are some key differences between free slots and demo slots.

Firstly, a demo slot is normally released to promote an upcoming slot games release. When the actual slot is released in its full form, developers see no need to keep the demo running. Especially if the slot they have just made features a free play mode. This means that demo slots are only available for a limited period of time and are likely to expire in around 7 days. If you like the game that much, you will have to pay a deposit to carry on playing. At least you will win some real money that way.

Secondly, what if you really like the demo slot and want to play for real money. You cannot do that until the full version of the slot is released. When you play free slots in free play mode or with a welcome bonus the option to make a deposit and play the real slot is always available. This is not the case for demo slots. You will never get the chance to make a deposit and win real money when playing free slots with a demo slot.

Also, some of the overall slot game may be missing from the demo. That means, even though you are playing for free you aren’t experiencing the full game. With free play mode and by playing with free spins or some other bonus, you are always able to play the full game. That means the bonus rounds and free spin opportunities are always present.

Free slots and welcome bonuses exist to allow players to play slot games for fun and get to grips with slot games overall. Demo slots exist to give players one singular demonstration or tutorial of that specific slot game before disappearing entirely.

Terms and conditions 

When receiving anything for free in life, it is always wise to read the terms and conditions of the transaction. That is also true when considering playing free slots with no deposit.

The law is different in every country and therefore it is wise to know exactly what is required of you when gambling on an online casino from that region. The only way to do that is by reading the terms and conditions. Are you the right legal age to use that site? In the UK you need to be 18, in the USA you need to 21 and other parts of Europe you can gamble at the age of 16.Even if you are playing for free, the simple act of gambling is illegal when you are underage. This means that both the casino and the player could get into trouble for partaking in such activity illegally.

Also, make sure that the online casino that you are signing up to is legitimate. If an offer seems too good to be true, chances are it is. Online casinos need a licence to accept a deposit and to be registered with the proper gambling authorities. Never provide your card details or personal information to a casino site that does not meet either of these requirements. Again, you can check whether a site is legitimate by reading the terms and conditions found on the home page of any online casino. Most are fine but it never hurts to be certain.

This all might sound trivial and boring but all these rules are put in place to make sure that all players gamble safely and responsibly. No one wants their experience of casino games to be tainted by a scam or illegal activity. That is why terms and conditions exist and why you must adhere to them at all times. Especially when something is free.

Last Notes

To conclude, let’s take a look at all of the possible ways in which slot players can get involved and play free slots with no deposit.

There are welcome bonuses take advantage of. Some of these are available with no deposit but are only valid for a certain period of time. That free deposit and those free spins will run out eventually.

There are ways to play with a deposit bonus, however these only really stretch out what you can get with your initial deposit. Therefore, this isn’t technically playing free slots. The issue with welcome bonuses is that unless you have made a deposit, you cannot withdraw the money that you win.

Then there a free spins. These are a great bonus to receive from an online casino as you can use these to partake in some free slots without having to make a deposit. Again, these are a limited resource but by meeting the Ts & Cs, you can win an amount of real money with free spins no deposit.

In the same vein, demo slots exist to promote new slot games but again, these have an expiry date. They are created to provide a tutorial of sorts and show players how that game functions, not provide a free slots experience. Plus, you cannot win real money by playing demo slots however they are available to play with no deposit. That is a step in the right direction.

At last we come to one of the most viable way in which we can play free slot with no deposit. By visiting online casinos you will find slot games with a free to play mode. This allows the player to play the slot in its entirety without making a deposit. You can also play for as long as you want. The down side is that, again, it is hard to win real money this way. However, you are playing free slots with no deposit and no limitations. That is a great experience in itself.

Discover more about no deposit bonuses through the below pages:

*Any references to bonuses and free spins are subject to the following terms: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT €10, €8 MAX WIN PER 10 SPINS, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO €250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.