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Online bingo is a fun, sociable and lively game enjoyed by the masses. There is no other online casino game more likely to bring a smile to people’s faces. Any Bingo player knows that the contest should be kept jovial at all times. As such, Bingo jokes have become a big part of the game over the years.

Of course, punters play Bingo to win too! As well as the jokes, the excitement of Bingo is being the first to mark off your numbers and win the game. Naturally, with winning comes prizes. Some big cash sums are up for grabs when you play online bingo – even better than the rewards at traditional Bingo halls.

But should you come up short and not win a game, there is always next time. For now, enjoy the laughs and the jokes and make some friends over a good honest game. Here we will explore why fun and jokes are such a big part of bingo, as well as taking a look at some popular bingo lingo and bingo jokes. We encourage all players to keep these jokes alive in the chat functions of bingo rooms!

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Where Does Bingo Humour Come From?

One of the reasons jokes form a big part of the bingo experience is that the game was originally played in halls. Of course, there are still a few hundred bingo halls, but these have been on the decline since the turn of the century.

In the prime of bingo halls in the mid-to-late 20th century, they typically formed a significant part of many people’s social lives. Retired Brits in particular would head down to their local bingo hall not just for the chance to win cash but to socialise with their friends and meet new people. Bingo was more than just a game, but a hobby and a routine.

Amongst this socialising would naturally comes laughs. On top of that, bingo halls were, and still are, large and full of lots of people. This creates a lively atmosphere that the bingo caller thrives on. The bingo caller’s job is to keep the crowd energised as the numbers are being read out.

The anticipation of waiting for that final number you need to complete a line is more than enough to keep players on the edge of their seats. However, the addition of catchy, funny bingo phrases with each number have become bingo folklore and the live game wouldn’t be the same without it.

When it comes to online bingo, there is still just as much humour being thrown about. Players will meet some real characters in the chat rooms, where they can exchange notes on the game and become friendly – just don’t be too hurt if they take the jackpot away from you!

Bingo Lingo

Bingo lingo comes in many forms but largely refers to the fun phrases that accompany each number. For example, the bingo caller could call, ‘Number 8, Garden Gate!’ With 90 numbers at play in a traditional British 90-Ball game, that’s a lot of lingo! Fear not, as here we will take a closer look at some of the most famous phrases.

Bingo lingo can be used in online chat rooms but of course began in bingo halls in mid-20th century Britain. Even losing players chuckle when they hear some of these phrases, but do they serve another purpose?

It is fair to say that bingo lingo phrases also help players to remember the numbers that have just been said. Online, this is less of a problem as players can use the auto-daub feature to mark numbers off automatically. But in live games it is easy to get numbers jumbled up – so a catchy phrase will certainly keep it in mind for longer. Less clarity is offered with some of the origins of these phrases, which are often disputed!

1 – Kelly’s Eye – Likely refers to Australian bushranger Ned Kelly and his helmet. The eye slot resembled the number 1 in his makeshift armour. Some players insist this phrase instead refers to the comic strip Valiant and the main character’s magical amulet.

3 – Cup of Tea – Many bingo lingo phrases are simply catchy rhymes. In this instance, what could be more quintessentially British than a cup of tea?

9 – The Brighton Line – Very satisfying to say this one, and refers to the railway line running from London to Brighton

18 – Coming of Age – The age at which people become adults.

28 – In a State – Cockney rhyming slang is a common feature of Bingo lingo – if the bingo hall serves alcohol this one could be particularly relevant.

30 – Dirty Gertie – Nickname for the La Delivrance statue in North London, referenced in song commonly sung during the Second World War.

44 – Droopy Drawers ­– Anyone’s trousers sagging?

69 – A Favourite of Mine – A reference to the sex position, choose your audience carefully with this one!

81 – Fat Lady with a Walking Stick – Some phrases serve as descriptions of how the numbers appear, you can work this one out for yourself!

88 – Two Fat Ladies ­­– Another classic of the same ilk.

Butlins Bingo Lingo Revamp

Many of these bingo lingo phrases were half a century old by the millennium. In an attempt to revitalise the game and engage a younger audience, Butlins introduced some new bingo lingo phrases to its game in 2003.

8 – Gareth Gates – Pop Idol runner-up in 2002.

15 – Stroppy Teen – We have all got one or are one!

52 – Chicken Vindaloo – Basically our national dish but gained extra prominence with the Fat Les song in 1998 – an anthem of the World Cup and England Football Team.

53 – Feng Shui ­– A Chinese practice commonly referred to in a colloquial sense when arranging items in a room to create the right vibe.

75 – On the Skive – We’ve all skipped work once in a while after a heavy night of bingo!

The most witty and excitable bingo callers would often improvise extra jokes before each number, inspired by the lingo phrase that had been called out. Professor of popular culture at University College, Northampton, Charlie Blake, was tasked with coming up with these new phrases. He hoped to capture 2003 society and culture to give players a chuckle on each turn.

Further decades on and references to Gareth Gates seem rather outdated. Indeed, many bingo callers and players improvise new phrases that fit with the current zeitgeist.

Best Bingo Jokes

What about some actual bingo jokes? I hear you ask! Here are some classics that players can be seen sharing in the online bingo rooms from time to time.

How do you get three ladies to swear at the same time?

Have another one say Bingo!

How can you tell that a Bingo player doesn’t fancy you?

When you call their numbers five times in a row and they still don’t answer.

What has little balls and screws a room of old ladies?

A bingo machine.

Three ladies are sat staring at the bingo caller waiting for the next number to be called. Confused, the bingo caller points to his empty ball machine and says, ‘What number are you waiting for?’

‘The free space!’

Last Notes on Bingo Jokes

Fellow players will always love it if you come up with your own bingo jokes and share them. Online bingo brings numerous benefits to bingo fans, such as the convenience of playing at home whenever the mood strikes, but it can be difficult to recreate the liveliness of the infamous bingo hall.

So, be sure to chat to your fellow players in the chat rooms of bingo rooms. After all, bingo is a game more fun when shared! Bingo can of course be an incredibly frustrating game when you are just one number away from winning. We won’t blame you if you want to rub this in your competitors’ faces a little in the name of banter!

Just remember to keep it fun and friendly and welcome in new players all the time; we want to see old and young players alike joining together to enjoy online bingo for years to come.

So, get learning your bingo lingo and impress your friends with some hilarious jokes. You can even come up with your own to entertain other players while playing this classic game. Good luck out there as you embark on your quest to become a bingo champion! At Umbingo, you can find all bingo games and some cool free slot games to play - alongside some top-rated promotions for new and existing players.